You purchased a Tube Toolbox subscription but when you log into Tube Toolbox, it says that you have a Personal account, not a Professional account, and limits you to 5 actions per day.


Please run through the following possible solutions:

  • The most common issue is that when you purchased Tube Toolbox you entered your Channel Name but you log into Tube Toolbox using your email address or visa versa. Make sure that you log into Tube Toolbox with the exact same thing that you entered while purchasing.
    • Find your Order Confirmation email and look at what username was upgraded. Was it your Channel or your Email Address?
    • Look at what you are logging into Tube Toolbox with. Is it your Channel or your Email Address?
    • Make sure they are the same. You can change what username your Subscription is applied to using this link: How-To: Switch your Professional Subscription to a Different Channel
  • Did you pay with a credit card for a Tube Toolbox subscription that has a recurring fee ($9.95/month for example)? This can sometimes cause problems. Look at your bank statement and see if you were charged both the activation fee and the recurring fee. If you don't see a recurring fee, look for a solution here: Fix: Paid with Credit Card but Account not Upgraded
  • Try logging into your Profile at to see what accounts you have upgraded. Perhaps looking at your Tube Toolbox Profile screen will make things clear or remind of what you entered when purchasing or show you that you made a typo when purchasing.
  • Still no luck? Not a problem. Shoot us an email at with details about your purchase (what name you upgraded, how you paid and any order confirmation numbers you have) and we'll get it all sorted out for you.