In order to test problems that users encounter, we ask for your "Log Files" from time to time. When you send us your Log Files, we can look at any error information that was written out and often times will help us solve your problem. 

How to find your Log Files

Click on the image of a Folder shown below on the Tube Toolbox log in window. A Windows Explorer window be displayed and the 2 files that you want to send to us are named:

  1. TubeToolboxLog.xml
  2. YouTubeLog.xml

How to send Large Log Files

If your Log Files happen to be greater than say 5MB, your email client might not allow you to send them. Instead, you can use this website to send files that are too large to send through your email system.  or 

Instructions for using SizeableSend

  • Enter your email address as sender email and as recipient email.
  • Click Select Files, it will open a browser window.
  • Locate the file you want to send and click Open.
  • It will begin the sending process.